Want big body: muscle limiting gene is the way

Wendy-the super dog is called the Arnold Schwarzennegar of dogs. She has a deficiency in myostatin, the growth factor that limits growth of muscle tissue.
The same genetic problem occurs naturally in the Belgium blue cattle, which are truly muscular. The same genetic problem also interferes with fat deposition resulting in very lean meat in these cows.
Lab studies have produced super-mice.
And meet the German baby superboy. Before he was 5 years old, he could hold 7 lbs. weights with arms extended, a feat which most adults cannot do.
Hard work and strict diet can produce muscles that even surpass those produced by lack of myostatin. Richard Sandark is renowned for his physique at an extremely early age, is known as Little Hercules. He started training at 2 years old, and when he was 6 years old, he was pumping twice his own weight. His father allowed him only a strict diet of liquid nutrients and vegetables.
But what happens if a man with myostatin deficiency works out really hard and maintains a strict diet? Check the pics below to find out.