Untold stories about the Sputnik launch

It would have seemed that the launch of the Sputnik was a well planned operation by the Russians to demonstrate Communist superiority. Little is it known that it was a hastily put together project driven by the dream of a single scientist and his team, who put together built a bare minimum satellite in the minimum possible time, strapped it onto an R7 rocket which was designed to be capable of delivering a H-bomb to the US, persuaded Kremlin that the launch could be done when the Kremlin thought that it was just a piece of toy (they already had a full scale satellite in development, however, that would take a long time to complete)
While Leonid Sedov, a member of the Soviet Academy of sciences is potrayed as the father of Sputnik, he has no connections with the space program. The actual mastermind was a scientist by the name Sergei Korolyov.